VITAL CBD Sublingual Spray - Piña Colada (FULL) Sale

VITAL CBD Sublingual Spray combines the calming benefits of full spectrum hemp with the delicious flavor profile of pina colada in one of the most efficient delivery methods available. Spray under the tongue to start experiencing the VITAL difference.
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Benefits Of VITAL CBD Sublingual Spray

  • CBD oil sublingual spray is absorbed fast to provide relief from pain and inflammation
  • Promotes balanced mood and improved cognitive state
  • Reduces anxiety, depression, stress while improving heart health
  • Perfect for daytime applications when regular and discreet dosage is required
  • Non-GMO, third-party tested
  • Contains less than 0.3% THC
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Choose CBD Because a Healthy Day Starts from the Inside

Empower your day with the premium goodness of full spectrum CBD that helps you be present in the moment mentally and physically by soothing your nerves and alleviating aches.

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"As an athlete I highly value products that enhance my ability to recover and perform. Taking the NeuAxiom sublingual spray before bed does just that. By helping me relax and get into deep sleep I wake up feeling energized and refreshed. That paired with CBD's ability to lower inflammation I can attack my day with less body soreness and more mental clarity; supporting the holistic approach I take to my health and fitness."
- Logan Mayfield

How VITAL CBD Sublingual Spray Works

Our sublingual spray contains high-quality full spectrum CBD and a balanced level of other cannabinoid compounds with a rich backbone of fatty acids. These omega 3 fatty acids are linked directly with the synthesis of endocannabinoids while serving as anchors for the endocannabinoid cell membrane receptors. This creates healthy signaling pathways for the brain. While the natural fatty acids marry perfectly with the CBD to produce quick effects, the terpenes in the full spectrum spray enhance the effect of cannabinoids on our bodies. The cannabinoids used in the spray are tested for quality and effectiveness so that you get optimal results. Only safe and clean extraction methods are used in the process. 100% natural and non-GMO qualities make our VITAL wellness oil spray a must-have in your supplement kit.

Elevate Your State With VITAL CBD Full Spectrum Sublingual Spray

We love that this spray infuses the all-round goodness of full spectrum CBD with the tropical flavor of pina colada. It is absorbed quickly by the body so that you can start feeling relaxed within 15 minutes of intake. Try VITAL sublingual spray to take the guesswork and mess out of CBD administration. It's never been this easy to ELEVATE YOUR STATE.
How to Use

Spray 1-3 times under the tongue and hold it for 30 seconds for maximum absorption. You can take 4-5 sprays for a deeper calming effect.

  • MCT Oil
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
  • Pineapple Extract
  • Coconut Extract
  • Black Pepper Extract
  • Turmeric Extract
  • Sunflower Lecithin
  • Mixed Tocopherols
  • Weight - 1 oz
  • Dimension - 1.25 × 1.25 × 4.25 in
  • Strength - Vital CBD 1000 (1000 mg Full Spectrum Hemp) | Vital CBD 2000 (2000 mg Full Spectrum Hemp)
FAQ On VITAL CBD Sublingual Spray
  1. How quickly does CBD sublingual spray work?
  2. Sublingual intake of CBD shows effect very quickly since it enters the bloodstream directly through the blood vessels present under the membrane of the tongue, bypassing the digestive tract. With VITAL CBD sublingual spray, expect to feel the effects within 15 - 30 minutes of intake.
  3. What is the VITAL CBD sublingual spray good for?
  4. The VITAL CBD Sublingual Spray interacts with the neurotransmitters of your body to help reduce sleeplessness, relieve anxiety, alleviate pain and inflammation. It has additional benefits like reducing acne, improving gut health and appetite, creating an overall calming effect, and more.
  5. Will the CBD spray make me feel high?
  6. The VITAL Full Spectrum CBD spray contains less than 0.3% THC which does not cause the unwanted sensation of feeling “high”. If you have zero tolerance for THC, you can choose the broad spectrum option for this spray.
  7. Should I take the CBD spray in the morning or night?
  8. This will depend on your preference and the kind of effect the CBD spray has on your body. Some of our customers prefer taking it in the morning to feel rejuvenated throughout the day. Some take it at night before going to bed because they feel that it helps them relax and improves their sleep quality.