Our Athletes

Otis Amey

NeuAxiom Athlete

Former NFL special teams expert Otis Amey knows. thing or two about working through pain, and the physical toll that comes from the pursuit of excellence. Follow his journey below!


Harriet Roberts

NeuAxiom Athlete

This Aussie is training to become the "Fittest Woman Alive", as she works towards her goal of CrossFit Games dominance. Follow her journey below!


Devin Newsome

NeuAxiom Athlete

When this physical therapy professional isn't helping people to push through physical limitations of their bodies, he's expanding the limits of his own boundaries. As an up and coming amateur CrossFit competitor, Devin still hasn't even scratched his full potential. Follow his journey below!


Nicole Zapoli

NeuAxiom Athlete

This former NFL cheerleader and professional fitness model is a master of body movement, and optimization. No matter what the task, Nicole is always ready to step up to the challenge. Follow her journey below!


Ben Alderman

NeuAxiom Athlete

As a gym owner, and frequent competitor in fitness competitions, Ben is intimately familiar with what it takes to achieve his goals. Practically living his entire life outside his comfort zone, Ben thrives in the face of adversity. Follow his journey below!


Mike Thomas

NeuAxiom Athlete

Continuing to make his mark on every regional fitness competition in which he competes, Mike is a rising star. His next PR always seems to be just around the next bend when Mike is in the zone, and to anyone lucky enough to train with him, he is an unstoppable force. Follow his journey below!


Shaun Ingram

NeuAxiom Athlete

This multiple-time Spartan Race and Tough Mudder winner gets a thrill from the intensity of endurance and trail runs. The more challenges the better. When he's not besting his previous best on the trail, he's studying various ways to improve his performance from the inside, out. Follow his journey below!