About Us

NeuAxiom is a Performance Hemp CBD company committed to optimizing health, expanding knowledge, and exploring better ways of being in the world.

We believe that our ability to positively impact our external environment emanates directly from the quality of our personal wellbeing.

Physical health, balanced mood states and peak cognitive function are elemental to our overall quality of life, and are among the most important factors that determine our performance professionally, socially, and interpersonally. NeuAxiom empowers you to optimize these crucial areas through a suite of Performance Hemp products specifically designed to improve these functions.

NeuAxiom was founded in 2018 with the goal of promoting peak performance through daily use Hemp CBD products. Embracing the concept of Performance 360, NeuAxiom products promote wellness from the inside out, through a wide range of supplements and topical applications.

NeuAxiom not only uses cutting edge nutrition and cosmetic science to formulate their products, but also seeks to expand public knowledge on subjects like cannabis and the endocannabinoid system, through information dissemination, the production of original research, and even the use of citizen science. These efforts aim to expand our general understanding of how cannabis remedies act on the body, and empower individuals to make mindful decisions when deciding which products they consume.

With an ever-expanding suite of full spectrum Hemp products that serve a variety of functions, NeuAxiom strives to provide you with a slate of reliable ways to incorporate a dose of functional wellness into your routine.