CBD Supplements

NeuAxiom’s CBD supplements are designed to support your everyday functional wellness. Whether you are looking for stress relief, improved pain management, sleep support, or daily balance, we’ve got a product for you. Take your pick from our range of CBD health and wellness products that constitute full spectrum CBD softgels, CBD oil sublingual sprays, and more.
VITAL CBD Sublingual Spray - Mint (FULL) VITAL CBD Sublingual Spray - Mint (FULL)
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VITAL CBD Sublingual Spray - Mint (BROAD) VITAL CBD Sublingual Spray - Mint (BROAD)
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PEAK CBG+ (AM Formula) PEAK CBG+ (AM Formula)
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PEAK CBG+ (AM Formula)
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PEAK CBN+ (PM Formula) PEAK CBN+ (PM Formula)
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PEAK CBN+ (PM Formula)
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VITAL CBG+ Sublingual Spray - Mint (FULL) VITAL CBG+ Sublingual Spray - Mint (FULL)
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Benefits Of CBD Supplements

  • Carefully curated online stock of CBD products that you can buy to treat specific ailments - CBD oil spray for inflammation, CBD oil spray for pain relief, CBG+ spray for neuroprotective benefits, and more
  • CBD oil sublingual sprays come in a choice of full and broad spectrum CBD and multiple flavors so that everyone can enjoy the benefits
  • Formulated for maximum absorption resulting in an increased bioavailability
  • Fast-acting formula ensures instant relief
  • Daily intake of our CBD supplements create an entourage effect wherein the multiple cannabinoids work synergistically to create an enhanced effect
  • Designed for consistent and discreet usage minus the hassle
  • Made from all natural extracts and tested by certified independent labs for potency and purity

FAQ On Different Types Of CBD Supplements

Are CBD capsules better than CBD oil sprays?

Each form of CBD intake has its pros and cons based on your personal preference. For example, CBD sublingual spray is the fastest absorbing intake method and it also allows you to control the dosage. CBD capsules, on the other hand, come as pre-measured doses which are easy to consume on the go.

What is the best CBD supplement to take?

All our CBD health and wellness products are designed to optimize your functional health and improve your daily well-being by alleviating pain and inflammation, calming anxiety, supporting digestion, and more. You can choose between softgels and sprays, full and broad spectrum products, and between different flavors as per your preference.

Why should I choose NeuAxiom’s CBD supplements?

Our products are made from 100% natural hemp extracts and are tested for potency and purity to ensure that you get only the finest quality CBD. NeuAxiom’s supplement product line makes daily intake of CBD convenient while supporting your on-the-go lifestyle.

What should I look for in a CBD supplement?

A few things that you should be clear about before buying CBD supplements:

  • Health concern you want to treat
  • THC content in the product
  • Source of hemp used
  • Third-party lab test results for purity

NeuAxiom is your trusted source of CBD health and wellness products that provides full transparency from seed to supplement.