CBD for Athletes

Stress from training hard is like a double-edged sword for athletes - while it increases performance, it also causes physical trauma. As the injuries pile up, traditional medication isn’t always enough. Turn to CBD for a more holistic and improved sports recovery with our health and wellness products. Buy from our range of CBD oils, balms, and supplements to support your athletic journey.

FLEX CBD Recovery Balm - Eucalyptus Menthe FLEX CBD Recovery Balm - Eucalyptus Menthe
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VITAL CBD Sublingual Spray - Mint (FULL) VITAL CBD Sublingual Spray - Mint (FULL)
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VITAL CBD Sublingual Spray - Mint (BROAD) VITAL CBD Sublingual Spray - Mint (BROAD)
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PEAK CBG+ (AM Formula) PEAK CBG+ (AM Formula)
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PEAK CBG+ (AM Formula)
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PEAK CBN+ (PM Formula) PEAK CBN+ (PM Formula)
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PEAK CBN+ (PM Formula)
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VITAL CBG+ Sublingual Spray - Mint (FULL) VITAL CBG+ Sublingual Spray - Mint (FULL)
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Benefits Of CBD for Athletes

  • Non-psychoactive treatment to relieve muscle soreness and joint pain arising from rigorous training sessions
  • Treats post-workout inflammation instantly to get you back in the game and reduces pro-inflammatory markers in the body
  • CBD recovery balms work in tandem with supplements to provide localized pain relief along with functional wellness from the inside to help improve your overall performance - buy the whole package at NeuAxiom today
  • CBD sprays and softgels relieve anxiety and stress and help maintain a healthy sleep cycle which in turn boosts mental performance during training
  • Can be used to treat addiction to substances with risk of dependencies
  • Choice of full spectrum and broad spectrum products for athletes who are THC-intolerant
  • 100% natural, non-GMO, third-party tested for potency and purity

FAQ On CBD for Athletes

How does CBD affect athletic performance?

CBD has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anti-anxiety properties that accelerate recovery from injuries, alleviate muscle pain, and keep you working at your functional best. It also protects against bone and gastro-intestinal damage which are common among athletes and negatively influence exercise performance. Buy our CBD products to start experiencing their healing effects today.

How much CBD should an athlete take?

This depends on your body weight, the concern you want to treat, amount of CBD in your intake form. For example, if you buy CBD recovery balms, you will need to apply a generous amount directly to the area of discomfort to start feeling the effects. If you are using CBD sublingual sprays, one pump under the tongue daily is a good starting point.

Does CBD help in muscle growth?

The cortisol hormone in our body is responsible for the breakdown of muscle tissue. Athletes who want to build muscle mass need to reduce cortisol levels. These levels are lowest at the early phase of sleep. CBD assists in a healthy sleep cycle thus indirectly helping in muscle growth.

Can I take CBD if I’m a professional athlete?

While CBD is permitted by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), all natural and synthetic cannabinoids and THC are prohibited. Therefore, it’s important to consider the source of your CBD. NeuAxiom products are all made from hemp which contains very little amount of THC. We also have a choice of broad spectrum products with zero THC content.