How FLEX Balm with CBD will get you a better workout

FLEX Balm is an essential part of your warm up. Whether you’re already sore, or you know the training is going to be a challenge regardless, applying FLEX Balm before you get started will help you get loose and ready to train.

The best places to use FLEX are on soft tissue. If you have a torn meniscus inside your knee, it’s not going to be able to penetrate all the way into such a large joint. But if you have tight hips and joints, a sore low back, blown up biceps, or anything like this, NeuAxiom FLEX Balm is your best friend.

Our proprietary blend helps CBD, with all the natural anti-inflammatory properties, penetrate through the skin and interface directly with your muscles and soft tissue. After rubbing it in you’ll feel the effects in minutes. Combine this with an appropriate warm up for your training and you will be primed and ready to crush your workout.