How to Leverage The Benefits of CBD to Optimize Health

How to Leverage The Benefits of CBD to Optimize Health


At the center of health and physical fitness is consistent positive habits. If you do more things that are good for you than are bad for you, you will be headed in the right direction. And, obviously, the greater the ratio of healthy habits you have, the better.

All habits aren’t weighted equally. Much like eating a single piece of broccoli isn’t going to cure cancer, a few milligrams of CBD won’t completely eliminate all of the inflammation in your body. With health and fitness it is all about routine and consistency. The linchpin of consistency is sleep.

While CBD has the benefits of reducing inflammation and is fantastic for overall health and reducing pain, the biggest benefit is far and away its capacity to induce a subtle calm. Using CBD as part of a nightly routine and improving sleep will grant you more energy during the day, better focus, and a stronger likelihood to stick with a healthy routine.

It’s all about consistency. Some of the most common reasons people sleep poorly are related to using technology in the hours leading up to bedtime. This schedule of bright light in the face, reviewing emails, swiping through social media, and generally getting wound up is unfortunately the norm for a huge number of people. There is currently an industry being built around blocking blue light via glasses, or changing the color of the screen with a red shift. This is akin to your hand being burned because it’s on the stove, and instead of removing your hand from the stove, putting a glove on it. Maybe it provides some help, but there is a far more simple and effective solution.

Flipping the script on this stimulating and agitating routine is where CBD comes in. Set a schedule for when the tech gets turned off, administer a dose of NeuAxiom Vital Spray - my choice is 5 sprays of the 1000 mg - and spend 10 minutes breathing slowly. 3 seconds in and 3 seconds out is a good place to start.

What you’ll likely find is that you will fall asleep before you ever get to 10 minutes. With improved sleep your energy will be higher through the entire day, your mental focus and attention will be heightened, and your body will feel stronger from a fuller nightly recovery. You’ll be more productive during the day and have more energy at the end of it to spend with your loved ones. And many of those nagging injuries that seem resistant to healing will start to clear up too.

If you aren’t sleeping well, finding that first night of good sleep can feel impossible. Just like I mentioned eating a single piece of broccoli won’t cure cancer, or change your life, you need to make the tech off, CBD + breathing a daily routine. It might take a few days to get into rhythm with it and you’ll need to continue it once you do. Consistency is key. Once you get comfortable with your new routine you’ll also be experiencing the inflammation reducing benefits of CBD combined with the quality sleep. It’s a combination that can’t be beat.