NeuAxiom Boosts Recovery So You Can Keep Training And Stay In The Game


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Only a few miracles have science-backed explanations. CBD is one of them. Get the goods with the guidance at NeuAxiom for a healthy you.

Flex - CBD Recovery Balms

Soothe aches and inflammations with our Flex line of CBD health and wellness products that comprise fast-acting recovery balms for performance health.

Vital - CBD Sublingual Sprays

Vital Sublingual Sprays harness CBD’s therapeutic properties to help balance mood and optimize cognitive function so you can focus on what matters most.

Peak - CBD Softgels

Get perfectly measured, on-the-go wellness in the form of CBD softgels in our PEAK product line. These gems are a great addition to your supplement kit.

Hapi - CBD Skincare and Beauty Products

Made with skin-nourishing and age-defying ingredients, Hapi CBD skincare and beauty products help treat skin concerns, leaving it smooth and hydrated.

NeuPet - CBD Oil For Pets

A tasty blend of full spectrum CBD infused oils for your dog or cat that may promote heart and coat health while supporting improved anxiety response.

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Kick your fitness game up a few notches with CBD. From aches to anxiety and beyond, CBD’s versatility has made some remarkable impact on fitness journeys.

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Helping up and coming athletes stay in the game. Read their stories



We are everyday humans. We work hard. We stretch ourselves thin. We show up. And we do all of that by prioritizing our health. It’s simple. Our health dictates our day. Optimizing it for performance requires taking better care of ourselves. CBD has been key in doing that. Through NeuAxiom, we want to bring its benefits to you and the rest of the world. It may be a long journey, but we’re willing to take the trip. We are NeuAxiom. We are not so different from you.